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When Hoosiers get thirsty, AALCO Distributing Company responds

In the 1940's Gunnar Elliott was the proprieter of Gunnar's Tavern, officiating college basketball and football games, broadcasting sports for WOWO radio as well as selling sporting goods through his Main Auto retail store.  In 1949,  Gunnar opened a wholesale liquor and beer business, AALCO Distributing Company - All American Liquor Company.  AALCO is one of the area's leading wholesale beer distributors today.

In 1972 founder Gunnar Elliott passed away and control of the business passed to his daughter, Nan Dahm Collias.  Continuing in the family tradition, Nan was followed by two of her children, Greg Dahm and Deb Niezer.  The fourth generation is now at AALCO, Katie Anderson, who is Deb's daughter and Jack Dahm, who is Greg's son.  The family continues to operate on the principle of Customer Service, as it strives to improve on market share.

AALCO is the oldest distributor in the area.  Today AALCO is one of 24 distributors in the state.

AALCO credits its success to its relationship with Anheuser Busch InBev other brewery relationships, and it's employees.

We serve 10 counties in the northeast corner of the state. 



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AALCO Distributing Company Inc. is an official distributor and partner of Anheuser-Busch InBev. Proudly serving NE Indiana for over 60 years.

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