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Domestic Keg Information

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Pouring Draft Beer

Knowing how to pour draft beer is simple and knowledge that is sure to come in handy at a party.  Click here to learn more: Pouring Draft Beer 

Do you know how to tap a keg? Click here to find out.

When dispensing draft beer at a party it is best to use plastic cups only.  The inside of wax lined or Styrofoam cups is coarse, or may have a residue from the manufacturing process that will conflict with the beer, resulting in excessive foam.  

Pouring Bottled Beer

Knowing how to pour bottled beer is  sure to come in handy at your next party as well.  Checkout this link for a quick tutorial.  Draught Bottle Pour Tutorial 

Don't Forget the Food

Below are some quick and easy recipes that are always crowd pleasers.  Never good to drink on an empty stomach... #enjoyresponsibly

Pepperoni Pizza Crescent Rolls

Mexican Layer Dips



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